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Plastic Pens

Great selection of Promotional Plastic Pens at the lowest prices in Australia: quality and value!

Metal Pens

High quality metal pens for corporate promotions: printed or engraved with your logo

Stylus Pens

Welcome to the home Stylus promo pens! Great quality with low prices

Promotional Pencils

Printed Pencils for your next promotion: great options, low prices and customer service

Promo Highlighters

We will highlight your company with an order of printed Highlighters with your logo

Speciality Pens

Specialty Printed Pens: something a little different for your next promotion

Banner Pens

Banner Pens Printed on both sides of the banner pen are excellent value for money

Printed Bic Pens

Well known Bic pens featuring your logo branding! A great promo pen choice.

Waterman Pens

Elegance meets class, a high quality timeless gift idea that will be cherished and remembered.

Parker Pens

Luxury pens that make for a fabulous gift to clients and staff. All featuring your logo!

Corporate Pens

Impress your clients and staff with these fantastic high quality Swiss pens. Enjoy high quality pens at a budget price.

Notebooks and Pads

What good is a pen without a notepad or notebook? Enjoy our best sellers here!

Charles Dickens

Inspired by the famous writer Charles Dickens. These pens are a great gift for those who love to write!

Derofe Metal Pens

Fabulous Derofe Metal Pens waiting for your logo or message to bring them into the spotlight!

Cross Pens

A well known American writing instrument brand that offers only excellent and top-class pens.

Prodir Swiss Pens

Customisation and style is where Prodir writing instruments excel. Great high quality Swiss pens.


Create a unique branding experience without breaking the budget!

Great selection of Promotional Pens at the lowest costs in Australia

Here at we offer a range of the very best value Branded and Printed Pens in Australia.  This selection is designed to cover all bases and all promotional requirements.  These fine writing instruments are ideal for things like trade shows, conferences, motels and hotels, general promotion, product launches, as incentives, as corporate gifts or as general giveaways.  You can call us and discuss your requirements and our friendly staff will be happy to make some recommendations to you - simply call us on our customer service line above for help now!

We supply customers all over Australia (from Sydney to Perth and Melbourne to Brisbane and beyond!) with great quality plastic and metal pens, highlighters, pencils, banner and specialty pens - we arrange branding prints an all of these.  These organsiations range from small one man bands to the very largest corporates, small outback councils to the largest state government departments, why not check out some of the brands we deal with here on our about us page?  Some of the reasons these clients turn to us are:

~ Budget Promotional Pens and Premium Corporate Pens

~ A focus on the lowest prices for that grade of pen (best value in Oz)

~ Great service from your first call through to delivery

~ The fastest production and delivery times in the land

~ A desire to win your business that shapes our quality pricing and customer service outlook

We are always ready for your call and to help you however we can, our staff are always ready to talk with you (during business hours!) and when you send us a quote request we will respond with a written quote fast (usually within an hour).  If you need samples that should not be a problem - we understand that when you want a Custom Printed Pen that samples are often handy to help you make up your mind.

What are you waiting for? - we are ready for your call now! : The Team