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Promo Pens

Promotional Pens

Pens featuring your decorated logo or branding message are the perfect way to write your promotion into the history books. Promotional pens have always been a crowd favourite and a go-to staple for many companies looking to increase their branding awareness.

Pens are something everyone uses and something you can never have too many of. And that's what makes them the perfect branded merchandise to get your message remembered. Not only that but pens are extremely versatile and work with any business or event. They also come in a great range of price and quality, so you can find the perfect pen to suit your needs.

Have an upcoming event and want people to remember your website and phone number? Well, a plastic printed pen or metal pen is perfect for this occasion.

Or maybe you want to give back to your employees and show them they are valued? Anything from our speciality ranges are perfect as a timeless gift, featured in a gift box.

Some of the many benefits of Promotional Pens include:

  • Budget friendly per unit so you can get a large impression for a lower price.
  • Everyone can find a pen useful - whether it's to take down a phone number, take notes or write in a card just to name a few examples.
  • Come in a great range of designs and quality so you can find a pen you love and tailor them as a giveaway item or a thoughtful gift idea.
  • People love to receive free things, and this instantly puts your company in a good light in potential clients minds and increases trust in your brand.
  • They create long lasting awareness - they will stay on your desk or stationary set and get used over and over.
  • Can be used essentially as a business card (displaying your phone number and website) increasing the likeliness that potential clients will call or access your site in the future.
  • Promo items are shown to be an extremely effective marketing tool and can convert more customers than other media (according to a PPAI survey).
  • They're a crowd favourite promotional item that has been proven time and time again to be effective.

In our range here at Pen Promotions we display only our favourites and the best sellers, so you can be confident in the pens you are purchasing. Don't settle for anything that will not go the distance or even worse, not work at all! This potentially leaves a bad impression of your company and is the opposite of what you want. We understand this completely and that's why we only supply pens that we know are up to scratch that will meet your expectations, so you can be confident in your purchase.

Looking for a suggestion? The plastic Parkville Pen and Killara metal pens are our best sellers and the best place to start.

A description of the different pens and other galleries you will find on the website:

Plastic Pens - Promotional plastic pens are our most popular category and feature plastic pens with a printed logo or message. These are usually the best budget friendly choice and come in a great range of colours and styles.

Metal Pens - Metal pens are perfect for laser engraving decoration, we can also print these as well. They feel great to write with and can also be used for nearly all events and have abit more of a premium feel than their plastic counterparts.

Stylus Pens - In a day and age where everyone has touch screen devices stylus pens have only become more and more popular. They have everything you need in a pen as well as the added functionality of a stylus, so you can use them while wearing gloves or when don't want to use your fingers. We stock both plastic and metal stylus pens.

Promotional Pencils - Our range doesn't just included pens, they're just our speciality! Pencils are fantastic for kids, student, artists and builders. Whether it's colouring or lead we have you covered. Including mechanical, environmentally friendly and carpenter choices.

Promo Highlighters - Fun, bright and useful. Highlighters are essential for students and academics. They're also great for nearly all office spaces and work environments. Highlighters usually have a great branding space and come in eye-catching colours.

Speciality Pens - Something a bit different, some of these pens are abit quirky and will get your promotion remembered.

Banner Pens - The perfect option if you need a bigger branding space. You can also get some beautiful full colour prints on these to turn heads. Have a billboard wherever you go!

Printed Bic Pens - Featuring pens from the well-known Bic brand that Australians know and trust. You know any pen from this range will do well for your promotion.

Waterman Pens - Elegance meets class with these French pens. They are a great as a corporate gift or award.

Parker Pens - Another high quality luxurious pen brand. Parker Pens have been around since 1888 and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. These pens are an elegant gift idea that come in a fabulous range.

Corporate Pens - Featuring high quality Swiss ink our corporate pen range provide a more budget friendly alternative to Parker and Waterman pens. They feel great to use and allow your hand to gracefully glide across the page as you write.

Notebooks and Pads - The perfect pairing with your promotional pen! We have a great range of sizes on custom pads as well as a variety of fantastic Pen and Notebook combo's that allow you to save on your spend.

If you haven't already started to utilise promotional products into your marketing strategy, you are missing out. Studies have shown their effectiveness and value when compared with other marketing tools. Promotional pens are what people think of straight away when they think of promotional products, for several reasons. Chances are you have a promotional pen somewhere on your desk right now. Branded pens are so popular due to their affordability and extreme versatility. If you've got a conference, trade show, need a “door opener” or are looking for a gift/award you can find a pen for it! Studies show that if someone has a use for it they are more likely to hang onto it. Sure, a promotional frisbee or beachball is fun, but it has nowhere near the usefulness of a pen and that's what makes pens the King of Promo!

Complete list of our Promotional Pens:

Parkville Pens
Forrest Pens
Malvern Pens
Bundaberg Pens
Clayfield Pens
Nedlands Pens
Busselton Pens
Malvern Mix & Match
Branded Gel Pens
Bronte Pens
Armadale Pens
Toorak Pens
Yarra Mix & Match
Ormond Pens
Mosman Pens
Evandale Pens
Hobart Pens
Townsville Pens
Katherine Pens
Kakadu Pens
Newcastle Pens
Canberra Pens
Albany Pens
Perth Pens
Yarra Twist Pens
Killara Pens
Gordon Pens
Kooyong Pens
Bellevue Pens
Watsons Bay Pens
Henley Light Up Pens
Bondi Pens
Highbury Pens
Darling Point Pens
Avalon Pens
Ascot Pens
Albert Park Pens
Bulimba Pens
Deakin Pens
Cottesloe Pens
Dalkeith Pens
Claremont Pens
Crawley Pens
Beach Pens
Willoughby Pens
Northbridge Pens
Brighton Pens
Hamilton Metal Pens
Sydney Metal Pens
Tasman Stylus Pens
Brighton Stylus Pens
4 in 1 Pens
Portsea Pens
Claremont Stylus
Dalkeith Multi Pens
Bellevue Stylus Pens
Tri-Colour Stylus
Wilston Stylus Pens
Dawes Stylus Pens
Grenada Stylus Pens
Linley Stylus Pens
Henley Stylus Pens
Darling Point Stylus
Canterbury Stylus
Murray Stylus Pens
Multi Tool Pens
Hawksburn Stylus
Paddington Stylus
Tennyson Stylus
The Rocks Stylus
Mechanical Pencils
Samford Pencils
Metal Pencils
Nelly Pencil Packs
Milton Pencils
Werri Pencil Packs
Carpenter Pencils
Berri Pencils
Daintree Pencils
Nebo Neon Pencils
Girraween Pencils
Herbert Pencils
Pencil Sharpeners
Albany Pen Holders
6 Coloured Pencils
10 Coloured Pencils
Promotional Erasers
Plastic Mech Pencils
Half Pencils
Ascott Highlighters
Fitzroy Highlighters
Bronte Sets
Mini Highlighters
Deakin Highlighters
Bulimba Highlighters
Taroona Highlighters
Portsea Highlighters
Eco Highlighters
Wax Highlighters
Midland Highlighters
Darling Highlighters
Scented Highlighters
Mackay Highlighters
Totem Highlighters
Sandy Highlighters
Glenelg Highlighters
Bondi Highlighters
Flag Highlighters
Wax Highlighter Set
Spinner Pens
Mop Topper Pens
Eco Pens
Metal Light Pens
Bamboo Pens
Yarra Light Pens
Supersize Pens
Carabiner Pens
Eco Highlighter
Maze Pens
Bone Pens
Message Pens
Tool Pens
Fridge Pens
Mop Top Junior
Lanyard Pens
Logo Projector Pens
Light Pens
Vegas Pens
Pullenvale Pens
Stylus Banner Pen
Bondi Banner Pens
Bardon Banner Pens
Nebo Banner Pens
Milton Banner Pens
Berri Banner Pens
Mackay Banner Pens
Perth Banner Pens
Rocks Banner Pens
Mini Flashlight Banner Pen
Torch Banner Pen
Dog Bone Banner Pen
Wide Message Pen
Clic Stic Pen
Round Stic Pens
Permanent Marker
Eco Round Stic
Verse Stylus Pen
Triumph Gel Pen
Element Pens
Two-Sider Pens
Digital Clic Stic
Rize Pens
Slim Metal Pen
Carbon Fibre Twist
Esteem Pens
Brite Liner XL
Grip Roller
Citation Pens
Matic Grip Lead
Avenue Grip Pen
Honour Pen
Image Pen
Waterman Deakin
Waterman Paris
Waterman Pencil
Waterman Monaco
Waterman Roma
Waterman Lyon
Waterman Berlin
Waterman Milano
Waterman Wilston
Waterman Expert
Waterman Bellevue
Waterman Toorak
Parker Jotter Ballpen
Parker GT
Parker Urban
Parker Jotter Red
Parker Sonnet
Parker Sonnet Blue
Parker Jotter Pencil
Parker IM White
Parker Gold GT
Parker Urban Cap
Parker Sonnet Silver
Parker IM
St Moritz Pens
Luzern Pens
Zurich Twist Pens
Zurich Pens
Luzern Rollerball
Men in Black Pens
Davos Pens
Ticino Pens
Vaud Pens
Chamonix Pens
Valais Pens
Geneva Pens
A7 25 Leaf Pad
A6 25 Leaf Pad
A5 25 Leaf Pad
A4 25 Leaf Pad
Premier Notebooks
Tuck Note and Pen
Claremont Note
Mosman Combo
Yarra Combo
Bamboo Eco Note
Two Tone Notebook
Recycled Jotter Pad
A7 Pad and Pen Set
A6 Pad and Pen Set
A5 Pad and Pen Set
A4 Pad and Pen Sets
Copper Ballpen
Oliver Twist
Mechanical Pencil
Nicholas Nickleby
Pickwick Papers
Old Curiosity Shop
Barnaby Rudge
Bleak House
Dombey and Son
Our Mutual Friend
Swarovski Twist
Little Dorrit
St Moritz Pen
Derofe Gold
Derofe Matte Black
Derofe France
Derofe Silver
Derofe Banker
Derofe Pattern
Derofe Silver Stripe
Derofe Chisel
Derofe Leather
Derofe GT
Derofe Curve
Aventura Onyx
Bailey Chrome Gold
Bailey Red
Calais Blue Chrome
Stratford Chrome
Stratford Black
Stratford Satin
Click Classic Black
Townsend Black
Century 10K Gold
Tech3+ Blue
ATX Basalt
Prodir DS1
Prodir DS3
Prodir DS2
Prodir DS5
Prodir DS6
Prodir DS7
Prodir DS8
Prodir DS9
Prodir DS10
Prodir QS20
Prodir QS03
Prodir QS01